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Senate Bill 249

Senate Bill 249 was signed into law on June 6, 2021 with Governor Sisolak at Fay Herron Elementary in Las Vegas, NV. Sponsored by Senator Dondero Loop, with the testimony of Caroline and Lauren Edgeworth in front of the State Senate and Assembly. This Bill will allow 3 mental health days to all students across Nevada. In addition, suicide hotlines will be printed on all Student IDs. The bill became effective July 1, 2021. Members of the teen committee were there to help sign and celebrate this momentous event. 


Future Goals: To ensure that students receive the proper care following the identification of mental health days taken. Curriculum to include education about mental health and de-stigmatizing conversations around mental health.


Testimony before the Nevada Senate and Assembly supporting Bill SB 249 which grants 3 mental health days for students (Bill was recently passed, with support from Senator Dondero Loop).

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